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If your office prints documents on a regular basis, a reliable office printer is an essential purchase for your daily operations. An especially large or busy office will likely need a large, heavy-duty printer to match rather than sharing one or two desktop printers. But which printer will best meet your needs? It’s a significant investment, after all, and it’s well worth your time to find the right machine before you make your final purchase.

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What to Consider

From features to energy efficiency and even ease of purchasing, there are plenty of things to take into account as you shop for an office printer. Keep this checklist handy as you weigh all your options:

  1. Multifunction printers vs. simple printers
  2. Total print output
  3. Secure wireless printing
  4. Privacy concerns
  5. Number of potential users
  6. Purchasing or leasing

1) Multifunction Printers vs. Simple Printers

Modern offices require far more functionality than just printing. Do you need to send faxes, make copies, scan documents, or even fold or staple papers? If so, you’ll likely need a machine capable of more than just printing documents. Many office printers today come equipped with a wide variety of functions that could prove quite useful to you. Talk to our team to find one with the right features.

2) Total Print Output

Most busy offices need printers that can keep up with demand. Constant, high-quality print jobs can take a toll on cheaper equipment. Consider how many documents your office prints on a monthly basis and the type of prints you need. Is a standard document printer enough or do you need something with the ability to print much bigger, more colorful papers?

3) Secure Wireless Printing

Wireless printing offers its share of risks, just like any wireless network. But trustworthy printers and manufacturers will work hard to keep your printing network safe through user authentication and other cautions. Make sure the printer you’re considering buying provides the security your office will need.

4) Privacy Concerns

Certain documents must always be kept private, no exceptions. This is particularly true in a healthcare environment where HIPAA applies. What does your printer offer to keep confidential documents safe? Measures can be as complex and secure as encrypted wireless networks or two-factor user authentication, or as simple as a locking paper tray to prevent documents from laying out in the open.

Pro Tip: Privacy and security go hand in hand. Make sure your printer is safe from hackers and document thieves alike.

5) Number of Potential Users

Even printers with very simple functions will quickly be overwhelmed if the entire office is constantly printing documents all day long. When you consider how much output you’ll require from your new printer, make sure the number of potential users factors into the equation. You may have to get multiple units for a particularly large or busy office environment.

6) Purchasing or Leasing

Finally, would you rather lease your copier or purchase it outright? There’s more to consider than whether or not you can afford the larger upfront purchase price. Would you prefer to be responsible for maintenance and repairs yourself or have the provider handle it? Do you know for sure which model you want or do you need to experiment with several? Determine your needs and preferences for keeping the printer before you make your decision.

Finding the Right Printer

Office printers are designed to handle a lot of work with maximum efficiency and security, but different models will be capable of more than others. Do your research ahead of time and find the right model for yourself so you don’t get stuck with a low-capacity printer in a busy office.

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