5 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD™ Interactive Display System | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

Meetings are necessary for having discussions, disseminating important information, and building teamwork and company culture. However, it can be extremely challenging to organize large groups and hold their attention. Give your meetings an interactive edge with Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD™ display system.

Much More than an Interactive Display System

Kick your meetings and client presentations up a notch with this remarkable tool. The AQUOS BOARD™ has much to offer you in various types of meetings and other settings. It opens up a world of opportunities for better communication and more engaging presentations.

1) Multi-Purpose Applications

Sharp’s big-screen interactive display system is ideal for a number of situations and scenarios. Use it to motivate your employees, students, or audience. Whether you’re in a boardroom or lecture hall, this innovative tool increases the impact of your messages. There is truly no limit to what you can accomplish with this important tool.

2) Remarkable Screen Size

Your display system can make or break your entire presentation, particularly if you don’t have enough space. The AQUOS BOARD™ features a spectacular 80” diagonal display, perfect for showing your best work in HD clarity. This amazing display makes every presentation come to life.

3) Top Image Quality

More than your average HD, Sharp’s UV2A photo-alignment technology creates vivid color images with energy-efficient white LED lighting. This provides greater legibility of text and uniform brightness. It’s approximately 5x brighter than plasma displays at ⅓ the power consumption.

4) User-Friendly Pen Software Interface

The user interface is the best in the industry. Pen settings and functions are easy to find and use. It features a dedicated menu for each touch pen, and each pen can have its own individual settings for things like line thickness and color. Up to four users can write on the screen at the same time. The AQUOS BOARD™ pens and software feature greater accuracy for improved precision and usability.

5) SHARP Display Connect

Connect your board to mobile devices for enhanced audience participation and enhanced communication. Onscreen content such as real-time drawings and handwritten notes can be viewed simultaneously on the AQUOS BOARD™ and connected devices. This is ideal for interactive presentations, meetings, and discussions in various settings. Further interactive functions via wireless LAN include sharing of onscreen content, file transfers, interactive writing and drawing, and remote control of the AQUOS BOARD™ from mobile devices. Up to 50 mobile devices can be connected at the same time. For larger-scale interactive communications, two AQUOS BOARD™ displays can connect on the same network.

MFP Connectivity

Scan documents and images from a SHARP MFP then import them to the pen software to display on the boards. This allows you to write or draw directly onto documents and images, then send them back to the MFP for printing or to a computer to be saved. You can also save them to the cloud or share them via email.

Can’t Help But Love It!

Intuitive, high-quality, large, and full of innovative applications and uses. Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD™ interactive display system will enhance your meetings, training sessions, and presentations with next generation technology and interactive capabilities. Don’t wait! Take your meetings over the edge with this innovative tool.

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