5 More Types of Printer Paper and When To Use Them

The types of printer paper you use often affect the quality of your print. Some printers can only use a specific kind of paper for optimum performance. If you want a high-quality print, then it is best to consider getting high-quality paper. Although we wrote a blog about this topic a year ago, this guide explores even more types of printer papers.

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What are some more types of printer paper?

The market has different types of printer paper. It takes some skill to know what kind of coated paper to get. Various sheets of paper have multiple benefits that you have to know. Read on to find out the type of printer paper to get for your printed project. 

  1. Inkjet Paper
  2. Laser Paper
  3. Card Stock
  4. Matte Paper
  5. Resume Paper

1) Inkjet Paper

As the name suggests, this inkjet paper works with inkjet printers. Printing paper with gloss finishes and business cards fall in this category. The photo paper is also qualified as it also works well with inkjet printers.

2) Laser Paper

Use laser paper exclusively with laser printers. This variety of printer paper suits the business environment. You can use it for a printed job involving documents, cheques, and mail labels.

3) Card Stock

You can turn to a card stock whenever you are looking for good-quality paper for scrapbooking. It works great when used to print business cards and postcards. It is thicker than other types of printing paper, making it suitable for the job. Since it is higher quality paper, it is durable and ideal for materials that get passed around a lot.

4) Matte Paper

Matte appears as one of the most commonly used printing papers. It has a bright white coating which is a feature that affects the ink drying process. The paper is also ideal for printing tasks that are needed.

5) Resume Paper

This variety of paper is heavier than standard paper. It comes recommended when you want to print CVS and essential documents. Using it automatically indicates that the information on the printer paper is vital. Its name gives it away at how important it is.

Get The Right Paper For The Right Job

When it comes to the types of printer paper, go ahead and find out if it’s recycled paper as well. Since printer papers come in various sizes, ensure that you select an option that will work best with your printer. Your printing experience should get better now that you know what every type of printing paper brings to the table.

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