5 Invaluable Tips for Increasing Productivity in the Office | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

Sometimes it just seems like things go slow in the office. It could be due to a slow network or too many print jobs, or some other reason. Sometimes employees just aren’t motivated. Increasing your productivity may feel like an elusive goal, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it just takes a few tweaks.

Your Guide to Increasing Productivity in the Office

Productivity directly affects your bottom line. Ways to increase productivity while maintaining quality are invaluable to your company. Get started with the following guide:

1) Give enough breaks

Employee burnout is a huge drag on productivity. The mind and body need breaks to rest and recharge. Try building more, shorter breaks throughout the day. Invest in fidget toys, balance balls and other ways to encourage movement.  

2) Make use of technology

Technology is always advancing- becoming faster, better, and smaller. For business, this translates to increased productivity and cost effectiveness. Tablets, advanced network security, and document management systems are just three ways technology is enhancing business right now. Find the best business technology for your company and keep it updated. If you don’t, your competition will.

3) Keep office equipment updated and in good condition

Your copiers, printers, computers, and mobile devices need stay updated and in good working condition. They also need to be adequate for your office needs. Make sure you have the equipment necessary to handle your print volume and print quality needs. There’s nothing worse for your office productivity than a printer or copier that’s constantly bogged down with print jobs. Consider copier leasing to ensure you always have the latest tech in good working condition.

4) Seek employee feedback

Give your employees opportunities to give you feedback about their jobs and what they need. Sometimes they may not feel they can talk to you about issues that arise. Consider regular surveys or questionnaires with open and closed-ended questions. They know their jobs better than anyone and you will receive valuable feedback to improve their experience. It will also improve morale. Happy employees are always more productive than disgruntled ones.

5) Stay approachable

In addition to seeking employee feedback, make yourself available and approachable to your employees. Let them know you have an open door and welcome their feedback anytime. Communicate this to them often and be true to your word. Be ready to hear the good and the bad, positive feedback and negative. This communicates respect and value to your employees and will boost morale. Employees who feel valued and supported will give their best. Your productivity will reflect this.

Productivity is a Culture

Your company culture has a lot to do with office morale and productivity. Hard work, dedication, and quality are all essential parts. Your office equipment and business technology are also vital components. Give your employees the best so you’ll get the best out of them. Get started with this guide to increasing productivity in the office. To learn more about how your office equipment can boost productivity, Contact Us.