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Whiteboard games offer endless opportunities for team building in organizations. You can play these games on large boards in meeting rooms, or the small individual boards in senior care facilities. The good news is that there are many whiteboard games to play.

What are some whiteboard games that are suitable for teambuilding?

Whiteboard games promote competition, communication, and teamwork among players. The games are interactive and can help improve the players’ cognitive skills. They require no additional materials other than a board and marker pen.

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Here are the whiteboard games for team building to try playing.

  1. Lost Connection
  2. Hot Seat
  3. Last Letter First 

1) Lost Connection

The Lost Connection game is inspired by the classic telephone game that allows players to spread a verbal message. The last player must figure out the original phrase and write it on the whiteboard. The result can be vastly different than the original phrase, and it normally is very fun. 

2) Hot Seat

In this game, divide your group into two groups and let each pick a team representative. Ask them to sit in front of a whiteboard with their backs facing the board. 

Write a word behind the two representatives. Then ask the other team members to describe the written word to their representatives without pronouncing it. The first person to identify the word wins.

3) Last Letter First

Divide your team into groups of five each and assign a topic in a particular niche, let’s say countries. The first people must run to the board and write a word from the category, for example, Canada. 

The next person in each group must write a word starting with the last letter ‘a,’ for instance, Algeria. Whoever can’t think of something loses. Change topics and continue.

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