4 Ways to Mitigate Cyber Attacks | Platinum Copiers, Beaumont TX

As technology advances, more organizations report many cybersecurity risks. This means every business must mitigate cyber attacks. As a business leader, you should use cybersecurity initiatives to prepare your team for improved data security. Otherwise, you’ll be more vulnerable to cybersecurity risks. Thankfully, there are many ways to mitigate the threats.

How do you mitigate cyber attacks in your office?

With the rising cases of cyberattacks, businesses risk losing sensitive data to hackers. Cybercriminals take advantage of existing vulnerabilities and gaps in security systems. Small businesses need more technology and IT support to mitigate cyberattacks.

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Here are the strategies to help you mitigate cyber-attacks in your business.

  1. Cybersecurity Training is Key
  2. Two Factor Authentification
  3. Update Passwords Regularly
  4. Stay Vigilant

1) Cybersecurity Training is Key

Human error accounts for 52 percent of all data security breaches, so you should train all your employees to deal with cyber threats. The more your company and employees know about the latest strategies used by hackers and prevention measures, they’ll protect your systems from security risks. So, provide the training regularly.

2) Two Factor Authentification

Another risk mitigation strategy to consider is two-factor authentification. However, this security strategy only allows authorized individuals to access sensitive information. So, ensure all employees have multifactor authentication on their accounts. They must also update malware and antivirus software on their devices to facilitate patch management.

3) Update Passwords Regularly

Passwords help to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your accounts. However, changing them every 90 days and enabling two-factor authentication is advisable. In addition, ensure the passwords are strong by combining letters, numbers, and special characters, as that will reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

4) Stay Vigilant

Always watch out for potential cyber threats that may result in a downturn. Hackers are becoming smarter daily and looking for loopholes in your network systems. So, familiarize yourself with all the cyber threats, including phishing emails and malware attacks. Don’t just click any link from a stranger without verifying it.

Secure Your Platinum Printer

One way to mitigate cyber attacks is by preparing an incident response plan to help your business recover from cyber attacks. Invest in real-time threat detection tools to protect your data. Besides, ensure you secure all the devices used in your company, including printers. Thankfully, shopping with Platinum can help to secure your printers.

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