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There are many reasons to use cloud print services, including reduced print costs and carbon footprint. One of the ways to leverage the benefits is by investing in managed print services. It’s a modern solution for print problems experienced in offices today.

What are some reasons to use cloud print services? 

Cloud solutions allow many digital devices to connect to print devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones, and workstations. Unlike traditional printing, the cloud print solution doesn’t require driver installation. The printers will connect seamlessly with the devices and get information to print from the cloud.

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Here are the reasons to use cloud print services in your business.

  1. More Environmentally Friendly
  2. Save Money
  3. Easier Software Updates
  4. More Flexibility

1) More Environmentally Friendly

Cloud-based printing is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It reduces the waste generated from print services, lowering carbon emissions in the atmosphere. You can also invest in managed print services to properly use toners and papers.

2) Save Money

Cloud print services are more cost-effective than traditional on-premise print solutions. Operating costs will reduce as there is no need to install premise print servers. Cloud printing eliminates the cost of buying, installing, and maintaining print infrastructure.

3) Easier Software Updates

Updating software on the traditional print network can be overwhelming. However, cloud computing and printing services support automatic, real-time software updates. Cloud solutions also promote secure printing by ensuring that your print network is up-to-date.

4) More Flexibility

Cloud services enhance convenience and flexibility in numerous ways. You can print anytime using any connected device, provided internet connections exist. Besides, you can release print jobs from any print device using secure user authentication.

Platinum Copiers and Cloud Services

Cloud adoption in printing is what your business needs now that you know the reasons to use cloud print services. Opt for managed print services if you lack enough capital to invest in cloud infrastructure. The good news is that Platinum Copiers offers printers for cloud printing. We also offer managed print services, so worry no more.

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