Technology can either be your office’s greatest asset or its worst enemy. Unfortunately, encountering such problems as a paper jam or low toner levels only complicates things for yourself and your employees. Do you know how to handle common printing problems when they arise?

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Printer Issues

It would take all day to cover every possible thing that can go wrong with a typical office printer. However, there are a few consistent issues that you’ll likely encounter more than once in your workplace. Let’s take a look at the solutions to several common problems:

  1. Slow print jobs
  2. Outdated software or hardware
  3. Repeated jams
  4. Low ink and toner levels

1) Slow Print Jobs

Depending on your settings and printing preferences, your printer may be struggling to process your requests. For instance, high-resolution images require a significant amount of data to process and print, which can cause a print job to drag on for a while. Decide which types of print jobs require this high-quality treatment. For example, while your clients deserve excellent printed images, do your business’s internal documents really need high resolution every time? Consider draft, standard, or normal mode for less important work to save time and printer data.

Pro Tip: Double-sided printing conserves paper, but does require more time. If you’re in a hurry, just stick with single-sided printing.

2) Outdated Software or Hardware

Everyone in the modern business world is familiar with the problem of outdated technology. Printers certainly aren’t immune to this! Any machine with older software or hardware simply can’t compete with newer equipment that moves faster and works more efficiently. While you shouldn’t feel obligated to buy every new model that comes out, make sure to update your printers and copiers every 5-10 years.

3) Repeated Jams

The most common cause of paper jams is improperly loading paper into the machine. Consequently, the easiest way to keep your printer from jamming is to load the paper carefully and make sure nothing is caught or bunched up inside the paper tray. If your printers keep jamming in spite of your best efforts, the problem may be with the printer itself. It’s time to upgrade when that happens.

4) Low Ink and Toner Levels

Finding out your printer is out of ink or toner may not sound like a big deal. However, if you have a time-sensitive print job and no chance to get more ink, you may find yourself in trouble. One excellent solution is to hire a managed print service to keep track of your toner levels and automatically order more when the amount gets too low. Never find yourself in an emergency situation again with this service!

Save Yourself Some Trouble

Modern machines, such as multifunction printers, do way more than just print or make copies. While the increased functionality gives you plenty of chances to get lots of work done, it also means that if the machine goes down, several tasks can come to a halt. Don’t let that happen! Keep yourself updated on how to deal with common issues and keep a professional copier service on speed dial. Don’t let common printing problems bring your office’s daily tasks to a stop.

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