4 Benefits of Leasing Your Printer | Platinum Copiers

The benefits of leasing your printer are undeniable. It relieves a financial burden from your business. It also gives you the latest printer technology for your operations at a lower cost than buying. So, leasing a printer sometimes makes more sense than buying.

What are the benefits of leasing your printer? 

Printers are among the essential office equipment in a busy office. But if you lack enough funds to buy a printer or copier, you can lease your printer from a reliable leasing company. That will save costs, easing your up-front monetary investment.

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Here are the benefits of leasing your printer, especially if you own a small business.

  1. Budget Friendly
  2. Tax Advantages
  3. Updated Technology
  4. Flexibility

1) Budget Friendly

The cost of leasing a printer is affordable as it alleviates budgeting concerns. All you have to do is schedule smaller payments, allowing you to organize financial resources. You can also adjust your leasing duration and terms to establish payment flexibility.

2) Tax Advantages

Leasing a copier offers more tax benefits than buying, as it’s a pretax business expense. You’ll be able to expense the monthly costs of the printer. But if you buy a printer, it will be subject to a partial tax deduction from the asset’s depreciation cost.

3) Updated Technology

With leasing, you’ll access more sophisticated printer technology that would otherwise be more expensive when you choose to buy. Also, you can lease a more efficient and modern model when your copier becomes outdated, helping you boost efficiency.

4) Flexibility

By leasing a printer, you enjoy more flexibility in terms of payments and access to better printing technology. You can extend your lease term and adjust payment schedules to suit your needs. Besides, you’ll access more advanced printers as your business grows.

Platinum Copiers Can Help

You can save thousands of dollars on printing costs now that you know the benefits of leasing your printer. So, you should sign a lease agreement with a reputable company, like Platinum Copiers. That’s because our monthly lease payments are reasonable. We also offer managed print services to help you focus on your business’s core practices.

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