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Employees at a legal firm understand the need for fast, reliable equipment for everyday work. Whether you’re dealing with print jobs or storing confidential client information, your printer has to be up to the task. Does your current office equipment do everything you need it to do?

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Advantages of an Excellent Law Office Printer

Legal firms rarely have a moment to spare on busywork. If your printer demands a lot of attention and repairs that you just don’t have the time to handle, it’s time to upgrade to a more reliable model. Here’s what a brand new multifunction printer can offer your law office:

  1. Program compatibility
  2. Security for clients
  3. Time optimization
  4. Easily saving documents

4 Advantages of a Multifunction Printer for a Law Firm, Platinum Copier Solutions, Houston

1) Program Compatibility

Our multifunction printers are compatible with many popular computer programs, from data processing systems to calendars to document editors. With a single scan, you can access your print data through virtually any digital system you please. Your employees can even use their personal computer programs or mobile apps to access their files! Our printers can talk to any device.

Pro Tip: Looking to implement a bring your own device system at work? Our multifunction printer system can handle that!

2) Security for Clients

With the SharpDesk mobile and desktop app, you can easily control who has access to the documents processed through your printer. Not only can your employees use this app on their own devices, but this also gives you complete control over who can see your sensitive data. You and your clients can trust this state-of-the-art security system.

3) Time Optimization

Our multifunction printers are designed to save you as much time as possible. A sensor on the front of the machine detects when someone is approaching and prompts the 10-second bootup process, all but eliminating wait times in front of the printer. Our printer’s interface is also user-friendly to prevent employees from getting confused. By reducing idle time, our multifunction printers can make your entire workday go smoother.

4) Easily Saving Documents

You don’t need any additional software or time to save your scanned documents in any format you want–our printer does it all without the need for a middleman! Just scan and select your format. And of course, used in conjunction with our app, you have complete control over who can access those files afterward.

Bring Your Law Office Up to Speed

A legal firm that hopes to be competitive can’t continue relying on outdated equipment. Why not switch to a multifunction printer with an excellent track record for both time management and ease of usage? Stay ahead of the competition with the best office equipment on the market.

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