3 Ways to Ensure Brand Continuity | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

Successful brands foster loyalty and elicit an emotional response from consumers. However, that can only happen with a cohesive and consistent brand strategy. Without this, your marketing team may inadvertently market a disjointed and confusing message, or worse, a blank canvas. Brand continuity creates a feeling of familiarity and trust between you and your customers. Click To Tweet

The Challenge of Brand Continuity

A brand embodies the values, ideas, design patterns and associations that form your business identity. As your business grows and requires increased speed and relevance, your marketing team will need streamlined strategies and tools to ensure continuity.

1) Communicate Brand Values

Even when a brand has strong and clear tenets, it still needs to ensure that they are properly communicated across the organization and to all stakeholders who might represent the brand, including agency partners, third-party vendors, affiliates, etc. This often means creating resources, running training sessions and alerting stakeholders to any changes or updates.

2) Be Consistent

When speed and volume are primary factors, having a ready arsenal of pre-approved logos, product images, colors, and fonts make developing content and marketing materials much easier. Invest in a high-quality printer to produce impressive print products with accurate color matching capabilities.

3) Develop an Approval Process

This is especially crucial in larger organizations but is still smart for small businesses as well. An approval process should include a pool of preapproved logos, letterhead, and print materials for employees to use for low-level interactions. For larger scale marketing campaigns, there should be a process for review and approval. This will prevent the use of off-brand tone, design or content from clouding the brand’s message.

A Strong Brand

A strong, consistent brand offers a variety of benefits to your business. When the brand components are clear to each member of your staff, it makes for more efficient marketing campaigns and a higher return on your investment.

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