3 Office Goals to Set for 2021 | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

Happy New Year! 2020 was rough for everyone, and New Year’s Day brings a special relief this time. But it also makes your new year goals list slightly more complicated. Not only do you have your own personal resolutions, but you also have to consider goals that affect your business and those around you. Let’s take a closer look at what some of these goals might be.

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Making a Decision About Long-Term Remote Work

Long-term remote work has become the norm for many people by now. As a business manager, you have to decide how to approach remote work as the pandemic continues and after a vaccine is finally released. Can your employees keep working remotely and get everything done? Do they have to be physically present at least part-time? If so, what measures can you take to ensure no one gets sick?

Most importantly, consult with your employees. Some people are eager to go back to the office, while others much prefer working from home and want a long-term remote work option. The choice is ultimately yours. But your choice should depend on employee input, the state of the pandemic, and the nature of your work.

Upgrading Your Office Equipment

For offices that have returned partially or entirely to in-person workdays, having reliable office equipment is essential. It’s time to replace the printer that keeps jamming or the interactive whiteboard that never connects properly to other devices. Maybe the desks are falling apart and desperately need replacing. Whatever the case, make sure your employees have a clean and newly updated office to come back to.

Focusing on Worker Safety

Your top priority should be keeping your employees safe while running your business. If that means staying partially or completely remote, do that. But if in-person work is unavoidable for whatever reason, make every effort to stop the spread of disease. Sanitize the office and frequently touched surfaces regularly. Provide hand sanitizer and masks to anyone who needs them. Reposition desks or place barriers between them to maintain social distancing. Set up a temperature kiosk and encourage anyone who feels sick to go home. Make every effort to keep your workplace virus-free.


As 2021 begins, it’s important to consider both personal and business-focused goals. Nobody knows what to expect from this new year. All we can do is do our best to make 2021 a much better year than 2020.

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